Monday, October 15, 2012


Our washing machine started leaking when GT was out of town. He wouldn't be back for a while so he told me to go ahead and call a repair man (ouch. Shot to the man heart). 
You gotta do what you gotta do.

Repairman checks it out and says he can fix it for like $allofourbankaccount,000,000. 
So I said. "sir, not to take away your business, but is this something my husband could fix?"
Of course it was.
So I told thanked him politely and said, "get outta here ya money-taker". 

I ordered the part for a comfortable amount and waited in its arrival.
Well, GT got home and said that he'd work on it one evening after work.
Weeeeelll....I was just at home one day and getting the need to organize/nest (I presume that's what it was). So I googled some directions on how to replace the part. Obviously.

2 hours later.... dad comes over. "what are you doing and does GT know what you're doing?"
Me, "I'm not sure and don't tell him".

But hey, I took it apart!

Luckily, GT loves me and took over to do the hard part

Honestly, this is not the face I was expecting to see when he came home.

I thanked him for fixing the hard part and said I could take it from there. Then, I thought....he's home now, he can finish. I did take it apart after all. 

So, if your washing machine is in need of repair and you'd love for a 9 month pregger lady to be all laid up on your me! 
And I'll recommend someone

So, here's to nesting!


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