Thursday, October 11, 2012

Adventures in babysitting

Not so much babysitting...more like cousin watching.
I stayed with my cousins kiddos this past weekend while they were out of town.

I'm with my cousins a lot.
We see them multiple times throughout the week and are very involved in each others lives.
As I've said before...i adore them and am so grateful that we live so close together. 
GT also works for them so that's pretty great, too.

So, GT and my cousins and my parents and my aunt and uncle were all out of town last weekend.
I was also 37 weeks pregnant and in charge...hello!!!!
Remember when Bella said that she'd take care of me? Well, that actually had to happen
except...i'd be the one doing the care-taking.
Luckily, the kiddos are pretty self-sufficient and I love being with them.
Saturday morning, Will dominated in a football game.
Sadie and I froze. How was I supposed to know it was going to be freeeeezing?!?!

I knew ahead of time that Sadie was going to throw her bff a surprise camp-out bday party on Saturday night.
I just wasn't quite sure how big of a deal it was going to be.
She's 15 and her friends are super problem.
Let me know what you need, right??

Well...Friday I asked Sadie, "who's all coming to the party?"
Sadie, "i'm not sure. i invited the entire grade, so we'll see".
oh changer. 
surprising the birthday girl!

They had a blast playing capture the flag, sitting by the fire, having a hilarious dance party in the barn and roasting marshmallows. 
Luckily, my aunt Chrys and the birthday girls mom came over to help with the party. 
It was a great group of Freshman kiddos and a pretty easy party to manage.
Thank goodness I'm going to start out raising a baby and not a teenager!

Around 1030 I was turning into a swollen footed, 9-month pregnant pumpkin and made some kids leave.
I know, I know....lame.
But, hey. I'm not upset about it. 
neither was Sadie, thank goodness. 

Then Sunday night, John Luke (the oldest) came in and told me that he jammed his thumb.
It looked jammed, but he seemed fine. 
So i just said "ooooh, sorry. that looks like it hurts". (great nursing assessment, huh?)
he's 17 and pretty tough, after all.

Monday morning, i'm at my house chilling. He's supposed to be at school.
He knocks on the door. I go see who it is.'s John Luke with a cast on his arm. 
whoops. missed that one. 
His 2-mama (my aunt Chrys) took him to the Dr because his thumb was hurting so badly.
turns out... he tore a ligament. 
Sorry, John Luke. my bad. 

So, you win some. you lose some.
Overall, it was a pretty successful and good weekend.
only one cast.
fun freshman class party.
froze at the football game, but
got a win at the football game.
kids in bed before 10 for school. 
i'd call it good. 

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