Friday, October 12, 2012

Friday faves

Since I've cut back on work, the days are getting rather mixed up.
So really Saturday and Friday are not very different.
Except...except that GT gets to hang out with me all day on the weekend!
He didn't get home from his two week trip until Monday morning around 330am, so we have yet to have a day to hang out. Tomorrow is sure to be full of house work, but at least my man wont have to be at the office. I've also been hanging out with some stomach bug since Wednesday night, so im ready to get out and about!

Fridays are good. Today, I love these things
The awesome view from the new guest room.
One week(approximately) and we'll be finished!!!

I gave up on my garden a month ago. Growing a human totally overtook my desire to keep up with growing veggies. Apparently the bell peppers weren't done. What a fun little surprise! I appreciate resilience. Even if it is in a vegetable

Little dudes clothes hanging in our closet(temporarily)

My hands have started swelling a bit, so I removed my engagement ring.
I sure am enjoying my sweet little wedding band riding solo.


Happy Friday folks! I hope you have something to look forward to as well. It sure makes the weekend more fun.

(my computers acting a fool, so the small pics will have to do)

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