Wednesday, October 24, 2012

on pregnancy

someday, i'm going to write a book.
it'll be entitled..."But, For Real (they weren't kidding)"

People really aren't making things up when they talk about the crazy happenings of carrying a child.

(let me preface this post: It is absolutely the most amazing miracle in Gods creation.
I truly believe He gave us the ability to create and carry a child so we can glimpse into His glory.)

That being said....Hello!

I've had a few random crying moments. and poor GT, neither of us understand them.
I have no clue what they're all about and i'm still not quite sure.
emotions are heightened and pretty unpredictable. stand clear.
this has all happened within the last few weeks
also, the incredible ability of our bodies to grow and stretch
and the intense heart burn/reflux (never knew i could go through Tums with such speed)

sure...i'm not the first or the last to experience this, but let me tell you...each experience is different.
Everyone tells you what to expect
they say, "just wait for this, that, or the other to happen"
They ain't messing around, folks
but. for real.
(38 weeks. the ONLY bare belly shot i'll ever show)

I have less than a week to go and am doubting my toughness
i once thought i was a tough girl, you know?
 i grew up with boys. i hunt. i wear pony tails every day. i stinkin' threw the javelin, people!
i'm tough.(ha!)

Around 32 weeks I told GT that I'm not sure I can take 2 more months... in the midst of back pain.
he said, "what're gonna do? quit?"
then i felt claustrophobic in my own body

i'm not complaining
i'm just keeping it real
and living on a heating pad

Overall, this has been a wonderful pregnancy and I pray that we are given the opportunity to do it many more times.
I still feel great, actually.
Funny thing is that I thought I'd feel much more pregnant at 39 weeks.
My scale is definitely saying I am ready to pop, but I feel good.
I'm thankful for that.
In the midst of growing this kid, we have been adding on to our house (and we're sooooo almost done!) so I've been grateful for feeling well and being up and about the whole time.

This whole waiting game is quite low-key.
We're just carrying on and ready to go!

Hope your Wednesday is just lovely,


Rachel said...

Love you, sweet momma-to-be. Praying for you!

Momma C said...

Kate, dear,
Please tell me you're getting adjusted by your favorite chiropractor! Nothing helped me with that awful low back pain when I was pregnant until I got adjusted very gently and carefully by my chiropractor!