Thursday, November 1, 2012

1 week

Little Judson Ray, you are 1 week old today.
so far, you are a very good baby
you have huge feet and hands
you like when your dad rubs your head very softly
you wince when i kiss you on the lips
you listen very attentively when i talk to you
you make little baby noises most of the time 
your skin is the softest thing i've ever felt
you sleep like a champ
you eat like a horse
you're just the sweetest thing i ever did meet

Since you've been home...
we've had lunch out on the patio at Honey and Pa's house

you've taken a good nap on their big bed
we've spent a few days at their house because the workermen have been finishing our house...hooray!!!

you've face-timed the Incredible Hulk (aka your best cousin Beau)

you've dressed up for Halloween and felt rather impartial towards the holiday

you've watched lots of football
just preparing you 

you've tanned in your swing
(trying to kick that jaundice to the curb)

you've worn your first "outfit" to your first doctors appointment
you received an excellent report.
she predicted you to be a big boy (we already knew that)

you had a little Halloween date with your girls Stella and Kenzie
don't worry, you'll grow 

So happy to have you in my life little man
it's been a great week and i look forward to thousands more being your mama


Lone Star Family said...

He is beautiful. Congrats katelyn!!

Laura said...

Keep these coming Kate! Can't wait to meet him

Jake and Jamie + 1 said...

Love it katiepoo and so proud to be this little dude's uncle. I love the pic of beau and jud's facetime chat!! see ya soon sista

Kyla said...

love it all!