Thursday, November 29, 2012

playing in the hay...literally

My dad has some hay sitting by our house and it has provided a great lookout perch for Trigger.
He sits on top at all hours and barks at anything. n-e-thing. that might come into our yard...or even think about it.

GTs parents came in town a couple of weeks ago and Beau was here as well.
I found these 3 outside like this when they went missing from the house for a while.
he climbed all the way to the top, after Woodrow gangily googily bound up there.
Remember this video?

Beau is warming up to Trigger more and more and leads some interesting conversations between them. 
he also makes funny faces at the dogs (expecting them to respond...ha!) 
i love 2 year old thoughts

boys playing outside

Who knew that all you needed was a few bales of hay?
we'll have to keep them stocked at all times for Triggers perch and Beaus playground. 
hours of fun

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