Monday, November 5, 2012

a great surprise!

Friday night, we had just started a movie and were just enjoying an evening with our little family.
GT had asked me earlier in the day if I wanted to go out to eat. 
He could tell by my long pause and hesitation that it probably will be a few more weeks until I can leave the little guy. Oh well...he tried. love him. 

All of a sudden I heard a little voice coming in our door. 
Turn around and it's this guy!
I almost cried.

We were so surprised to see Beau, Jake and Jamie and sooooo happy!
Since they moved to Tyler, Tx a few months ago, we get to see them more often..
BUT, it's still not enough.

Beau taught GT how to play the "get nuts" game. It's a squirrel game...don't worry. 

Jamie didn't get a chance to hold Judson last weekend because she had to go back to work (she's a stud MD at an urgent care clinic on weekends).
So, she (at 35 weeks pregnant with my nephew Luke) made the decision to drive over and love on our little guy.

little Luke provided a great prop 

Beau is adjusting to another grand kid and I think he is doing pretty great.
Last weekend we asked him if he wanted to give Judson a kiss. He just said "no thanks".
So, this cuddling is major progress.

isn't he the prettiest?

i'm very thankful we have a good little sleeper

cashed out

his dads hands are bigger than his little torso

whoa! lets not get crazy

can't wait for Luke to join this mix

but really, he wanted to play "phone game" with Pa

I'm so thankful J,J & B live closer now and can surprise me on a Friday night!
It was a perfect weekend of relaxing and cuddling with my two favorite little guys.

Hope you had a wonderful weekend,

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