Friday, November 9, 2012

2 weeks

Sweet Judson Ray, you have been in our lives for 2 weeks!
It's so easy to forget what I did all day, every day before you.
I think I am OK with forgetting some, as I like this way of life very much. 

You've had a busier week than last... I've been eager to get out and about.
we took some newborn pics of you and some family photos
My good friend Erin took them and did an awesome job and I am so eager to see them all
p.s. this is not one of hers... obvi

you hung out with your aunt Jamie, uncle Jake and cousin Beau and loved every bit of cuddling

you sweet 17-year old cousin John Luke baked us muffins and brought them over one morning
then we had a long talk about how you need to be just like him when you're 17

we went to visit your dad at his office for the first time
you were quite the hit 
you also introduced his office to some baby poop

we ran quite a few errands and you were a champ

your cousin Sadie and her bff Anna Catherine came over for a bit and loved on you. 
they're going to be your babysitters...if we can fit into their busy high school schedules

your Hunny and Pa started on their house!!!
concrete means business people

each night this week sweet friends from church brought us a meal.
these are women who have busy families and small kids of their own.
yet they carved time out to cook for us and bring it to our house.
you, my son, are a very loved and very blessed little guy
i also enjoyed getting to see my friends and chit-chat
(this chicken pot pie was made by Jil and ooooooh so good)

your Grammy came to visit and stayed the whole week! 
and we loved it.
i got to take lots of naps and not worry about cleaning or anything.
she's the best.
and no one cried when she left (or everyone)

your dad is gone for a week on a work trip in Kansas
no one cried when he left either (and by no one, i mean i did)
we miss him something awful, but luckily we have lots of help while he's gone
he's getting at least one picture an hour of you so that he doesn't forget what you look like

you're rocking the nap nanny
and the faux-hawk

we almost finished your room
I'm just not sure when you'll ever sleep in there
i might have a problem kicking you out of my room

a more complete post about the new rooms to come

At week 2 you are still the sweetest baby
you are very easy to soothe and i hope and pray that is your personality!!!!
you are becoming a bit more partial to your mommy 
you whimper like a puppy dog when you're going to sleep
you are a lot more alert during the day
you're starting to learn that night time is for sleeping (still working on that one)
you're a little cuddler
you wear newborn clothes, but are outgrowing 0-3 month socks with your big ole feet
oh yeah! you received your social security card and your birth certificate! you're a real person!

we love and adore every second with you Judson Ray


Korie said...

The sweetest post ever! Made me cry!! I can't wait to get well so I can come love on him. He's beautiful, and the room is precious!!

the norman family said...

your baby boy is just perfect! and so is his nursery. i just love it!

AshlieB said...

He is SO precious! Love that sweet dream smile picture. Congrats to you both!

Lauren said...

The nursery made me gasp!! So beautiful. You should put that on Pinterest and let other mama's copy because they WOULD. That rug....(sigh).

I love you little mama and can't wait to hear about everything in person. Judson is so blessed to have you and Grant. SO BLESSED.