Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Wordless Wednesday: meeting JR

I was going to share our birth story, but it ended up going a bit differently than I had imagined (i'm sure that's true for everyone).
It wasn't the most pleasant experience and I had a bit of a rough time.
The good thing is...Judson Ray is here! 
and that's the part I want to remember.

So, since pictures do the best talking and I have a lot of them, here they are.
Enjoy meeting our little man and seeing our stay in the hospital . We had to stay a tad bit longer than we had planned due to my complications and little JR had to stay 24 hours under the bili-light for some jaundice.

No matter what labor, delivery and post-partum was like for me, we have a perfect baby boy and I would do it all over again. Us women are crazy like that. 

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Morgan Smith said...

loved the video of pictures... and have to say i ammm a bit curious to hear that birth story! maybe i'll get to see you sometime you're in LR and hear it momma to momma :)