Thursday, January 31, 2013


last week
1. Judson and Pa check on the construction
2. Honey and Judson swing on Mamaw Lous porch
3. kicks
4. taking over my side of the bed
5. Dad's home!!!!!!! all of my boys give him their attention
6. rafters go up on mom and dad's house

(you can find me on instagram: goodtimestaylor)


Rachel said...

Your mom is so beautiful! And I adore the photo of GT with all of your boys.

Aspiring Kennedy said...

when i saw this from my blogger dashboard, i thought for a moment your house frame was actually the pyramids at the louvre and got really excited...

thought i have to say, clicking through and seeing how cute Judson is might be better.

Morgan Smith said...

#2 is aMAzing. such an artist you are.