Monday, May 6, 2013

Sunday Portrait Series: first bible class

 Judson has reached the age where he won't fall asleep during church anymore and he won't sit still and be quiet...imagine that!
 so, the nursery it is. or join the host of other moms and babies walking/bouncing in the back of the auditorium or foyer.
as we walked into the nursery last Sunday, a bible class was going on!
his first bible class.
oh my preciousness.
 not paying attention and trying to get a girls attention (or her toy)

 "pat the bible book, it's the word of God"
it is weird that I have a kid in bible class. it just is. i feel like i'm still in high school...with a baby.

Grammy and Pawpaw came in town for some baby love.
they also put up with us
I'm so thankful for our church family who will help us teach our babies about Jesus.
I'm even more thankful for grandparents who will daily show them the love of God. 

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