Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Wordless Wednesday: take a Chanc{i}e

in case you haven't met her yet, let me introduce you to our good friend
I have always had a love for horses. like most little girls
my mom put me in riding lessons when i was young, so i could have a chance to ride.
as i entered high school and started playing every sport, it became harder and harder to find time to ride.
enter the Neals.
i grew up with them at church, but never spent much time with them.
i knew they had a slew of horses and their girls rode barrels. so i just asked them if i could ride sometime.
i would go out to their house after ball practice, ride one of their many horses then eat some of Kim's amazing cooking (skillet cornbread to die for!).
so began one of my favorite friendships to this day.
the Neals are good people. solid and good to the core.
i love them so very much.
our relationship has many, many layers...first and foremost they are part of my forever family.
we have shared many trail rides together, shared pews at church
 Tony is currently building my parents house
Chancie serenaded us at our wedding rehearsal
we've been to rodeos together
 shared heartaches, shared joys
gathered around many dinner tables together
there are numerous more memories we have shared.
i truly am thankful for our friendship
Chancie started playing the guitar and writing music a few years ago
She has a gift
she picked it up like it was her first nature
she signed a deal, writing music, with Sony recently and has opened for Luke Bryan on his farm tour for a few years
we could not be more proud of her
you can buy her music here

 bareback riding in the pond
(a few weeks before my wedding)
we jumped off of their backs
not our brightest moments
 they spooked and ran...obviously
GT is in the background, rounding the horses up...what a guy
Chancie and I took off after them, barefoot.
genius, i know
one of my most favorite days. ever.
one of my most favorite families. ever.

now, go give her a listen

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