Wednesday, May 22, 2013


i grew up next door to my cousins
across the street from my mamaw and papaw
down the street from my aunts and uncles
and minutes away from numerous other relatives
this is what i knew
i didn't know this wasn't normal

i moved away for college, then for my first "real" job, then i got married.
we enjoyed being away, just the two of us, away from family. we were learning to face life as a couple. spending evenings alone. it was good. the best thing for our new marriage.
then we had the opportunity to move back to my home.
no brainer.
we moved back to the "compound" not long after.
and are now in our own home 2 miles away.
it's the best of both worlds, honestly.
there is nothing i love more than being with family.
i love the afternoons watching cousins play in ball games, track meets and tennis matches.
i love the sunday mornings we share a pew (or four)
i love the saturday mornings we meet for breakfast
i love the evenings we spend outside around a fire, talking
i love the wednesday nights we share in praise and fellowship
i love the days we spend by the pool
the days we share at camp
the days we just stop by
the days we spend traveling together
the days we have shared in joy and in pain
i love that no one is every further than a phone call and 10 minutes away
i love that i can always share a meal with family
big or small.
usually big
physical proximity to so many of those you love is a rareity and something i cherish.
being close,
is so so good.

{i can not fathom the loss that so many are experiencing in Oklahoma. my heart is sickened by this tragedy and the aftermath. so many are grieving. I lift them up to a God who heals and makes whole.}

*holding my family even closer*

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The Heart Mom said...

Amen. and Amen. And AMEN!