Thursday, May 16, 2013

Beau is 3!

yesterday (or so it seems) we celebrated the little guy turning 2
We partied it up-Octonauts style- in celebration of Beaus 3rd birthday!
 Jake, Jamie and boys came in town to have the party and Beau had so much fun with all of his big cousins.

 Beau and Luke were super pumped about this pic

 time for the party to start!

 the cutest cake from iDream cake here in West Money
luckily Bella doesn't mind having a wet head everytime she holds Judson
 pin the patch on Kwazii
   thanks Will
 first time in the pool
also, his hairline....

 so many great faces that i love
that happened fast.
Beau Thomas, you made me an aunt and for that i'm thankful.
but beyond that, you have given us unspeakable joy and provide constant entertainment.
you are not lacking in personality and you are overflowing in love.
we are so grateful that God gave us you as our nephew and we absolutely adore watching you grow up.
i love that you are saying hilarious things completely independent (or so we think) of our influence and have learned to make us laugh. it is never a dull moment with you.
we love you more than words.
and octonauts.

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