Monday, May 13, 2013

surviving Canton

if you've never been to Canton for 1st Monday trade days, you just gotta.
and plan to spend some time there
it is completely overwhelming to tackle it in a day, probably 3
espcially with 2 babys and a 3 year old
the babies really did great
the weather was subpar (cold and rainy in May!)
we had lists of what we wanted
but, it wasn't very successful
oh well, another trip will have to be made! 
hesitation for what lies ahead

the big kid and Beau

Judson just wanted to attack Beaus face every time he saw him

my lovely company for the day
this is how an almost 3 year old survives a day at Canton

perhaps GT wouldn't mind if our entire house was lit up?

i'm not even going to say anything
ok, i will.
these scooters take no prisoners
also, they were everywhere
this particular one is a gem

sweet wittle Wuke

Judson hardly slept all day and was soooo happy to see his Pa when we got to mom and dads house
i think i heard him saying, "save me Pa! they made me do this thing called shopping...all day long"

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