Tuesday, May 28, 2013


May has been good to us
i plan to document our going-ons at some point, but this little photographic re-cap will do
i'm too busy living, ain't got time for blogging
also, i might just not feel like it
either way, it's my little corner of the wide world of webdom and i can frequent it as often as i please or not please. ya heard?
1. a handprint to the face is synonymous with a hearty nap (if it is your own)
2. my boo-thang and i hit up a late movie and we are also hipsters
3. uncle Josh is a Wave alumni now...hooray! we had to show our support via garment
4. our big trees, Bella and Judson in a swing make a day purty sweet
5. seriously. that smile.
6. it pays to be a mom. GT got this little guy for me without any hints (except for maybe 4trillion)
7. if only he knew how delicious Blue Bell is, he'd be breaking down that glass
8. if odors could cross the barrier of your screen, you'd die. just think....fresh skunk spray
9. 82 never looked so good.
 birthday lunch at one of Monroe's finest with one of the worlds finest
until i return,
adios folks

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