Monday, May 20, 2013

a few things

1. i haven't really been in the blogging mood.
that's just the way it is.

2 school's out for the summer! what what!??!
Alice Cooper - Schools Out For Summer

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3. a good read is on the horizon for me.
 suggestions are gladly welcome and wanted

4. with a reprieve from pharmacology and pathophysiology and paper writing for a few months,
 i- all of a sudden- feel an energy that i was (unknowingly) missing
so, with that...(insert drumroll) i'm back on Pinterest.
real epic stuff happening over here, y'all
on my list of to do's:
salvaging my Volcano candles : starting off small, don't want to get to ambitious.
keeping my huuur out of my eyes while i'm reading my books and NOT studying
Judson Ray needs a sleeping buddy 

5. don't let these sweet-looking little punks fool you
chased a skunk into a hole
you know where this is going................................................. where that smells good

6. couldn't be happier after a weekend spent at home with my guys (stanky canine variety, too)
my love tank is full and my coffee cup runneth over

cheers to a new week...hope it's goodun.

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