Tuesday, June 25, 2013

a big cousin: {not so} free entertainment

i constantly joke that we need to adopt an older brother for Judson
he (along with other babies) is so entertained by big kids and can be mesmerized for hours minutes!
his favorite "big boy" is, undoubtedly, Beau

Beau is casually singing him his "ABC's"

this one. kills me.
it's nice to have a big cousin around that can double as some entertainment.
although he is readily available and most often willing, we are all aware of how not cheap kids really are.
he's free in the available since of the word, but far from it monetarily.
wouldn't trade 'em for nothin'.
i'd probably even pay a million bucks for him.

(these were taken about a month ago....what was that you were saying....something about time flying?)

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