Wednesday, June 19, 2013


it's always good to be in Nashville
it's even better to be with good people in Nashville
it's even way better to listen to some tunes in Nashville
and eat good grub
a few weekends ago we headed north for the CMA fest/fanfare
it was my maiden voyage sans baby
and i was a bit anxious (or a lot), but excited (still anxious)
all it took was some time on the plane and i was ready to go
GT went up a day early and I flew up with the rest of the crew to meet up with my my dude
it was like a weekend long date/work for him/chillax for me/hang out with friends and win for all!
and Judson Ray was perfectly taken care of back home, all tucked in with his Honey
a  photo river of the goings-ons courtesy of the awesomenss of a camera phone

a good time was had by all
leaving the kiddo behind wasn't so bad after all.
actually, i think we're highly likely to make it happen again.
i love dating my man
i love hanging out with my family
we enjoy listening to live music
and i highly recomend eating a good steak - uninterrupted
thanks for hosting, Nash.
see ya next year

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