Monday, June 3, 2013

7 months

Judson Ray, little buddy, you are so much fun!
every single cliche about time flying, babies changing and growing in the blink of an dead on.
one thing that i really love about your ever changing self is your personality peeking through more and more each day.
you have such a fun and sweet spirit
you are a true delight
you bring a smile to everyone around you with your quirky noises, faces and grins
you are so incredibly busy and NEVER stop moving when you're awake
you say "oooohh" with your mouth in a perfect little "O" and kick your legs when you see anything that you find interesting
you want get down and be held all at the same time
you are so so so very aware of your mama
you are pulling up to your knees and sometimes to your feet
you are crawling everywhere and got that way purty fast
a few weeks ago i said, "he can get around, but stays by the toys"
the next week i said, "he is crawling, but only wants to be where i am"
this week "he's in to everyhing!"
you are pretty fond of being held though
you get bored relatively quickly, so we are constantly going from one thing to another
you still absoluely love to be outside
you are still smitten with Trigger and get so excited every time you see him
you aren't scared of anything (yet) and seem to be quite the adventurer
the view most of the time
taking pictures provides a new challenge

 i sincerely enjoy being with you every second
you are starting to figure this world out and learn what you can and can not do 
watching you learn and grow delights us and makes us eager for the future, but yearning for this time not to pass too quickly.
we simply adore you sweet boy
you are one funny, sweet, curious, busy and happy little guy

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