Saturday, June 29, 2013

a few things

1. have i mentioned that my mom and dad are gone for 2 weeks
this is right before they flew out....TO ALASKA
forgetting all about us little, southern-stated folk
jk. they're up there for business and celebrating 38 years of marriage....something to be celebrated!

2. i'll remind you again, but GT will be making his television debut (a speaking part...ha!) next week. more info to come. but, it's probably with these guys and i'm probably pumped

3. we've spent a few evenings out at Camp this week and it has been so good for my soul.

4. Judson is pretty fascinated with our canines these days
he also crawls really really fast
these things, along with his unrelenting pulling on anything and everything leaves our dogs prey to this crazy predator of a baby 
they are super tolerant and so sweet and basically let him do whatever he wants until i intercede
which is right before they loose an eye or lip or hand-full of hair

5. the parentals house is coming right along
i am due for a house progression post and will jump on that as soon as i quit being lazy
anywhooo....the beams are up in the great room and man, oh man they are divine! even unstained, they are beautiful

6. ok, so about this Google Reader shutting down on Monday....
i'm not entirely sure what that means to me or how it will affect this here bloggity blog.
perhaps it will do nothing
i'm pretty sure all 4 of you can still find ole GoodTimesTaylor
if you can' is how you can follow and receive updates if you have any interest at all.
if you care none, then carry on.

here they are:
Twitter (i'll tweet when i post)
Facebook (i post links on my page)
RSS feed
email updates (you can enter your email address over to the right -------------->)

happy Saturday people!
may the rest of your weekend be filled with air conditioning, a fan, Sonic drinks and more air conditioning
and maybe some ice

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