Thursday, June 27, 2013

celebrating mothers and fathers

May and June came in like a huge wave and i'm starting to come out from the pulling tide.
We celebrated mothers day, fathers day and some fun birthdays along with some travel and i will get around to documenting at some point.
let's start with moms and pops!
this being our first mothers and fathers day as parentals...we were pretty giddy.
being a mom and dad is something we do not take for granted and are honored to hold the title.
my heart aches for those who yearn to be a mom and a dad.
may God grant you the desires of your heart in His own timing and for His purpose.
His good and perfect will is beyond our own.
i always wanted to be a mom.
i loved kids and thought i'd be pretty good at it.
good grief, it is challenging (and my kid is still counting his age by the months...yikes!).
but, man oh man, it is so rewarding!
praise God for this blessing that we call little Judson Ray
he made me a mama and for that...i will forever be grateful
 his wiggly little body is hard to wrangle for a photo
these are two of my very favorite mamas
one is a mama to my favorite nephews and one has raised some of the best kids i know
they are also my best friends/sister/cousin and the most beautiful women around
(also, hooray for coral!)

my fur babies and gift from GT
love all of  'em
Fathers day was spent in Georgetown with the Taylor crew
we were able to hang out with the fam and honor 3 of my favorite dads 

grandad with all of his grandkids

Judson Ray and his Grammy

4 generations of Taylor men

our small contribution

never ever ever could there be a better man to raise my kids
they will be loved so well
watching him become a dad fills my heart with an overwhelming amount of joy and pride (the good kind) and an incredible amount of gratitude
while i am so thankful for a day that honors moms and dads, i also recognize the daily effort that should be honored as well.
it took becoming a mom to understand the hard work, tears and love my mom and dad put into each of their kids.
i never knew a heart could stretch so much.

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