Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Word(full) Wednesday: summer is here

Scooping him up from his crib-he is happy to be awake-Judson and I make our way outside to soak up the evening air. I ask him, "where is Trigger?". With great intensity, he twists his wiry little body around as I open the door. His bare feet squeeze around my waist as he spots the dogs. His arms wave up and down and his mouth makes a tight little "O" as he voices his excitement. We make our way to my Mothers Day gift, a swing, and sit down. I feel the grass underneath my feet and his soft skin next to mine. I sit him in my lap and the dogs greet him with a lick of his toes. He lets out a genuine laugh...the sweetest sound. This sound is accompanied by the crickets and frogs down in the pond, letting me know it is almost dusk.
Summer is here.

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