Monday, July 29, 2013

9 months

Judson Ray
or wild man, as many lovingly call you
you are so excited about life
that makes life with you extra fun

each week you are developing a new sound, expression, skill, temper! or taste.
although you keep us moving and busy, we are truly having so much fun
(have i said fun yet?!)

your little personality is peeking through more and more
you seem to inquisitive, adventurous, busy, fearless, happy, sneaky, excited, high-energy, joyful, fun and sweet
we just love you to pieces

Nothing scares you. In fact, you like to be startled.
You love the vacuum cleaner-running or not. You'll sit on the floor and intently watch as i vacuum or follow it around.

3 things are guaranteed to make you happy (sometimes...ha!)
1."riding the horse" on your daddy's knee
2. riding on his shoulders

3. "driving" our car

People often say "he's all over the place, he's constantly moving, he's so busy, wiggle worm, etc.
into everything that you're not supposed to be in

You have 0 teeth but are getting better at gumming different foods.
You only nurse once a day, in the morning when you're still kind of sleepy, the only time you're somewhat still. The rest of the time , we chase you around with a bottle. (this was written last week, so things have changed...we'll talk about it later.) 
To say I'm not sad about this-would be a total lie.
 But, you're healthy and will eat and drink almost anything, so its all good. I guess.
(Why am I so emotional about this? Can I still blame hormones?) 

You are all muscle.
Seriously, you have great calf muscles, quads and deltoids. Not much fat on you. You are so crazy active, I'm not surprised. Sometimes we call you cat squirrel
you are in the 95th percentile for height
50th for weight
so, tall and thin.

You are hilarious. Always making ridiculous faces and noises.
currently you make this noise that sounds like you're clearing your throat. no idea.

when i get home after working, you will squeeze my neck and often do this when i get you out of your crib. it's the best. 
sometimes, you give people a shy little side smile and lay your head on my shoulder when they talk to you. 

if we keep having kids like you, we're likely to have 20.
or less.
you continue to shower us with joy.
you make each day more fun and interesting.
your dad and I often talk about what kind of boy, teenager and man you will be.
we are eager to watch you grow into each of the ages and know it will be fun and challenging.
accepting the challenge and delighting in the fun!
we love you with every ounce of our being.
no matter how many times a day i say, "Judson Ray, stop!" or "Judson Ray, come back here!" or "Judson Ray, where are you going?", i wouldn't wan't my life to be void of this!

here's to the last quarter of  your first year.
you're the best Judson!

i video everything and upload it to YouTube, so if you're bored or here

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Jil said...

He's a looker and a charmer! Scary combo:-)