Sunday, September 1, 2013

September whirlwind

September always sneaks up on me
it's a big month around these parts

it's sneakiness is mostly due to the weather
i always blame the weather
for some reason, i always expect September to feel like fall
forgetting, every year, that I live in Louisiana
my birthday is on the 13th and I was more likely to have a blazing- hot swimming party (or a circus shin-dig apparently) than a bonfire and hay-ride. 
oh well, here it is again and it is 1million degrees outside.

within the weeks of September, i will
go to NYC, Round Top, Tx,  Huntsville, Tx and North Carolina
 all the while, read/study/complete homework for grad school
and work some

GT will only join me on one of those trips
Judson for two 
hold me now.

it should be a good one

Happy September folks
here's to football and hunting and birthday season beginning

(also, can we talk about my mom in the above photo? that's right...
that's her)

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