Monday, November 11, 2013

12 months

so, maybe you're 12.5 months now, but....1 year, wowza!
you are sweet, spunky, silly and so so so much fun!
little Judson Ray, I can't imagine life getting better than it is with you, because right is sweet!
you are officially no longer a baby
my emails that I get weekly usually say, "Your Baby This Week", but now they say "Your Toddler This Week". So, i guess it's official...ha!
you toddle around everywhere and are really looking so much like a little boy

you are into everything
you touch anything within your reach
and grab whatever you're not supposed to
very, very curious
and agile
and coordinated
and determined
this combination is not always desireable. 
we attempt to barricade anything that would lead to injury

you can walk just about anywhere
and you can stand up from sitting or squatting without any problem, at all
which is always exciting! 
also, you love that little toothbrush

you try to climb on anything and everything

you still love to "read" and are starting to do so more independently 

you love to sit in daddy's chair and always look so proud when he catches you
but sometimes, you just like to kick back

you are ALL boy and like to tackle
get dirty
drive anything that has wheels
(thanks to our family, you now have a parking lot full of ride-on toys)
and like to knock things over

you make everything more fun and do not lack in the personality department

the logistics:
you have 4 teeth and i think getting two more
you are in the 90th percentile for height and weight
your hands are HUGE! 
your doctor verified that they are really large, it's not just my imagination

you eat anything we eat....and lots of it
your favorites seem to be maple flavored oatmeal, grapes, eggs, fruit bars, butter beans, chicken salad, spaghetti, yogurt melts. well, actually.....anything! 
you refer to all food as "nan-ah"

you can and do point at what you want or who you want
you can walk anywhere
you really only get fussy when you're tired
so basically, it's not hard to figure out what you need or want

you sleep great (knock on wood) for naps and at night
it takes you a little bit to wake up, which i completely understand
sometimes i just rest my chin on your crib rail and talk to you while you look around and slowly wake up. i'm thankful that we're rarely in a rush to get anywhere. i understand that we have it pretty good and for that i'm overwhelmingly grateful and refuse to take it for granted. 
you, my dear Judson Ray, have got me
all of me
your dad, too.
we are honored that we get to parent you in this thing called life.
you and your spunky little self are going to make this a pretty fun and good (and most probably challenging) gig.

you're going to be a big dude if your feet and hands are any indication.
so, i better get my bluff in early before you're towering over me.

equally your personality's dose of crazy, is your hairs dose of crazy
what we are doing with it is beyond me.
cutting it last week, not this week
combing to the right today, combing get the idea
i guess we'll just see. after all, haircuts aren't hanging around our house these days.

happy 12 months little booger!
we love you so much more than i could've imagined.
and you're off!

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