Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Wordless Wednesday: the story (and crying)

i haven't listened to this ditty in a while
but back in the day, say was my jam

i watched Safe Haven the other day. i don't know. i just did.
moving on.
Nicholas Sparks, stinkin' gets me every time. 
I try to avoid his books, but somehow have read each one.
as cheesy as they may be, they are quick reads, good little stories and always leave me an embarrassing puddle of tears. 
which, i reckon, we all need every once in a while.
so perhaps i read his books/watch the book-turned-movie to get a good cry in.
a good, cheesy, sappy, ugly cry.

yes, yes, where was i?
oh yes! Brandi Carlile.
she had a song in the film...Hearts Content, i do believe.
it was good.
but, it reminded me of this beauty.
i feel this song. like, feeeeeel it. 
and don't mind an occasional sing-a-long with my lonesome in the car.

so, if you're in need of a good tear-jerker...grab some Nicholas Sparks (stop judging and do it).
if you're in the need for a good belt-out tune, grab this one.

(obviously, this post is geared towards women-folk. or men. whatever)

0:56- get it.

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Kellye West said...

BRANDI CARLILE. I think we are music soul mates. Also, I'm still forever indebted to you for Mindy Smith all those ten years ago.