Wednesday, November 13, 2013

sweet girls and my son

last night was our first girls bible study
some of the girls in the youth group at church are coming to our house once a week for a devo and some girl time.
pretty great, huh?
i'm basing our bible study on this plan
which I love

so, my mom kept Judson down at her house for a while while i got the bible study started then brought him up to our house for bed.
when she brought him in our house, he saw those girls and went into full out bashful smile (tilted his head to the side and a sheepish grin!) and show off mode for these girls.
Y'all, it resembled a flirting smile, what!??!
he is one year old.
this is way to early. 
who am i kidding, i'm never going to be ready for him to look at any girl like that (besides me, obviously)!
perhaps i'm over reacting, but whatever.

this, of course, got me into overdrive thinking about raising my son.
what kind of man he will be
how he will treat girls and then women
how we will talk to his friends about girls
how he will talk to ME about girls

even at the age of 1, he knew a room full of girls elicited a different response than when the room is filled with his dad and his Pa and his uncles.
he knew it.
everything that we do influences his actions and reactions to situations.
it is not too early to start training him in how to react to and treat others.

perhaps i'm over thinking this small interaction.
but, i don't think so. insignificant encounters teach us lessons all of the time.

it taught me that i have got to start NOW in being intentional about raising my son.
raising him to be a good man
because what i teach him now, will become what he does then.
what i say now, will become what he says then.
how i choose to treat others now, will influence his interactions then.

that's what kind of mom i want to be. and NEED to be.
if i am not intentional in teaching him how to treat others, especially girls, someone else will be.
and heaven forbid, he disrespects a girl a someday!

i do know that he will sin.
he is human.
but, i will do my best, with the help of the Holy Spirit and Gods teaching, to teach my son how to love and respect others.

and i'm begging those of you who have influence over my son and future children to do the same.
i'll do it for you.


Mike Monroe said...

Kaitlyn, your blog about little Judson and girls brought tears to my eyes! I remember having the same musings about my children when they were infants, and I'm doing it now with my grandchildren. First thing I would tell you is that Judson's most influential teacher about how to treat girls and women will be his Daddy -- so he's already got a huge advantage over 99% of his peers! But you already knew that! You and Grant are, and will continue to do a great job of raising your little guy, and when he his grown he will make you very proud! God bless you, and carry on!

Jil said...

Love it!! and I love you!! Amen and Amen!!!

Jil said...
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Anonymous said...

I'm so thankful that my grandson has such a Godly, loving mother to teach him how to love others.