Monday, November 11, 2013

because we love them

i have White Christmas playing while i work on homework and Judson naps.
such an extraordinary movie!

i can't help but watch the performance of this song at the beginning and towards the end with a bit more emotion and regard on this day, Veterans day.
although this scenario is way more theatrical than real life, the sentiment is the same.
these guys wanted to honor a man they respected and one that led them in the battle.
today, some honor and remember one man.
some honor a troop.
but most of us honor the entire militar, past and present. 
we remember those who gave their lives and those that are giving up their life with their family so that i can enjoy mine. 

I don't really understand what it means to serve in the armed forces, or have a close one deployed.
but, i can be grateful 
honor them
cherish my freedom
and be a good steward of my freedom
and my country

God bless America!

and we'll tell the kiddies we answered duty's call
with the grandest son of a soldier of them all

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Lauren said...

This is one of my all time favorite movies and the play is coming to Dallas! I cannot wait. Thanks for sharing!