Friday, November 8, 2013

Friday interweb round up

cheers to a good weekend!
i'll be face down in the books and hands on the keyboard, typing away at a paper.
in this actual moment, i'm procrastinating (shocking!) and doing some internet browsing.
i call it "taking a social media break"
my mind needs those every once in a while. maybe it doesnt and i'm just an internet junkie.
i'm not going to try and figure out the answer right now. 

so, here are a few things on that there interweb that cause me to pause and take a longer peek:
this beautiful photograph
is by photographer Jenny Lewis and stirs up a serious craving for some horses in my life

if you're on the hunt for an Advent calendar for your family, search no more.
this is the one for you
by one of my faves, Jessi, over at Naptime Diaries

i'm trying to talk GT into building this chicken coop
he's been on board for building one for me, but then I threw in plans that involved pouring concrete. 
he informed that I had taken it too far.
i don't think i agree.....
(p.s. Ashley, a woman, built this one. so maybe i should just bust out my tools?)

this Instagram feed, based on this blog, recently turned book, is sooooo interesting 
a fascinating way to take a very small peek via a photo and small comment into other peoples lives (that appear significantly different than mine) 
i really love to study other cultures, how other people live, why they live like they do and generally how others do life.
these photographs and small narratives give us a glimpse

that's all folks.
back to the books.
enjoy your fall weekend!

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