Friday, November 1, 2013

JRs barn bash

calling all party (barn) animals!

we celebrated Judson Ray turning 1 in our barn 
with just our family
all 50 of 'em
and it was wonderful

little buddy is so loved and he was showered with affection
it was the perfect evening

(of course, i documented and have waaaayyyy to many pictures to share. so, if you're not in the mood for pictures. move on. fair warning.)

the barn provided the best backdrop for the party
i really did very little in the way of decorating
some balloons, table cloths, bandanas, pictures and cardboard.
party on!
and of course, our family...the best way to brighten up a space!

i definitely did not pull this off alone
my dad, GT, Garrett and my FIL helped clean the barn out (a huge task!) so my mom, MIL and I could decorate
super shout out to Beth Anne!
She is living with us for a few months while completing a rotation here for PT school.
she helped do everything-bake, decorate, clean, take care of Judson, you name it. high five for her!

dad was cleaning up until the party started

i made a couple batches of deer chili and mom, the mamaws, my MIL Del, and Beth Anne all helped with the rest of the food. 
our good friend, Rosemary, made the ADORABLE cake and cupcakes
it takes a team for sure

we feel truly blessed to be surrounded closely by our family
they are so good at loving us
especially loving Judson Ray
oh my goodness, i love these girls!

some kids at the kid table

ok. the cake.
although it was the cutest thing i've ever seen, JR wanted nothing to do with it!
for a kid that gets into everything, he surprisingly did not like his hands getting covered in icing!
who knew?!?!

for however much he did not like the icing, he did like all of his gifts
i can't blame the guy, they were some pretty great gifts
he sat in our laps and looked at each one
lots of love for this kid, i tell ya

after we opened gifts, everyone hung around
the kids roasted marshmallows
we visited
and previewed the Duck the Halls album
a good time was had by all

and JR took his new rides for a spin

the parents of a one year old.
all haggard.
jk. extremely blessed and overwhelmed with the love for their boy.

one of us just can't contain his excitement!
and what a thrilling party it was!

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emily said...

His expression in the last picture is priceless!

His party looks amazing. I love all of your details. That cake...too cool to eat!