Sunday, May 11, 2014

Mothers Day affections

all 3 of us stayed home from church this morning
GT joined the ranks of the ill of the house on Friday, so we kept ourselves quarantined for yet, another day.

as we were lounging/recovering the TV was tuned to a BBC special,  "Islands on the Edge".
narrated by Ewan McGregor, which is a nice touch-i think.
i was in the bedroom with Judson and GT was watching the show in the living room.
I see that seals are the spotlight at the time, but don't pay much attention to the dialogue.
after i glance at the tv and see a beached, monstrous and swollen seal, 
GT exclaims, "Kate, that looks just like you!"

happy Mothers day to me.

after retracting my hand from GTs face (jk!) I tell him to rewind so that I can catch the narrative.
his only hope of survival at this point.
"they seem so uncomforatable" (my favorite part)

alas! he was referencing the rippling of the belly as the baby moves.
the similarities were there.
i couldn't deny it.
but, i think he will put more thought into his analogies for my pregnant body in the future.
or i should hope so.

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