Friday, May 23, 2014

weekend dreaming

first of all, thank you for all of your nice comments about our barn burning. 
the demolition process should begin soon and the rebuilding to that's exciting!

what're you up to this weekend?
it's a long weekend and that makes me happy, and i'm sure i'm not the only one.
we have no plans. 
just laying low. 
preparing for a baby and doing some studying.
i've got a list for GT (yay! for him)
most of it will have to wait, as it requires some handy-work and his tools have been scorched, but i'm sure we can manage.

i'm also dreaming of Italy today.
it's been 9 years since I left for my summer in Florence, although it feels like last week.
if i could do it again, i'd jump at the chance in a heartbeat.
i recommend it to all Harding students one million times over.

on an unrelated/related note,
i'm not someone who professes to have no regrets in life.
sure, i have regrets.
most of them will stay tucked away and never mentioned on the world wide web.
but, i will share one regret that i do have.

not dressing better during my summer in Europe.
cross-body bags, tshirts, loose skirts, long shorts, chacos.

although my wardrobe choices made no impact on the quality of my time overseas, i sure would enjoy looking over my pictures more.
i was in Italy! for crying out loud!

oh well. i've made worse choices.
we'll just chalk this one up to being young, wild and free. and easily influenced.
i could probably chalk most of my bad choices up to that.

i'm still dreaming of Italy. 
regardless of my attire.

i'll take it in any way, shape or form.

Happy Friday friends!
cheers to 3 day weekend.
enjoy your family.

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April Jackson said...

I think the same thing when I look at my HUF pictures! It's almost embarrassing to show people all the awesome places I went because I look homeless!!