Monday, May 19, 2014

on pregnancy: round 2

it truly is amazing how we, mothers, are so forgetful.
of course, we're forgetful when it comes to packing the diaper bag, preparing meals and important events.
but, where my memory-as a mother-is failing me the most, has been in relation to pregnancy.

i forgot how uncomfortable it can be.
i forgot how freakily weird it feels to have a human moving around inside of my uterus.
i forgot how often i can go to the bathroom.
i forgot how much i can sleep (or want to sleep).
i forgot how limited my wardrobe can become.
i forgot how much excitement and anxiety it can provoke.
i forgot how much i can pray over a person that i've never met.
i forgot how grumpy i can be (and so did GT. sorry boo).
i forgot how often you have to go to the doctor.
i forgot how many pillows i need to get comfortable at night.
i forgot how much i love my heating pad.
i forgot how much i love and need Pepcid AC.
i forgot how incredibly amazing our bodies are.
i forgot how much love you receive from others as the baby and you grow.
i forgot how thrilling those baby kicks and turns and bladder jabs are.
i forgot how wonderful it is to experience a miracle and get a glimpse of Gods creation.

i forgot how quickly my comments change from "i feel great! i could be pregnant forever, totally going to do this at least 3 more times!" to "there is no way God intended for this to happen. it is soooooo not natural!"

20  to 33 weeks
(i know you like the photography...great background, i know)

we're rounding the corner to the homestretch with this guy and i am ready but completely not ready.
at the same time.
i'd say that we're more NOT ready than ready.
meaning, we have zero things prepared for this one: no crib, no diapers, no washed clothes, no space, no name!, no nothing.
but we do have: lots of baby boy clothes (that need washing) and a whole lotta love.
i also have his source of nutrition, so that's important i suppose.

this little guy is super duper crazy active.
i do not remember Judson moving this much!
Taylor #2 is always moving and throwing a roundhouse to my ribcage or bladder, which is quite reassuring.

my wardrobe is getting more limited by the day
i pretty much refuse to buy maternity clothes
i do have a few that are my staples, but mostly rely on jeans that are too big normally, tshirts, flowy tops and cardigans and whatever else can work from my closet.
oh yeah...and scrubs.

7 weeks from meeting this little love nugget (although, i don't think it will be that long).
i'm eager to get most of my schoolwork completed for this semester
i'm anxious that i won't
i'm eager to watch GT become a father to another son
i'm excited to see what this baby looks like
i'm curious to see how Judson will interact with him
i'm happy that Judson will have a side-kick and friend in his brother
i'm thrilled to get relief from heartburn and backpain
i'm honored to be his mother
i'm amazed at Gods handiwork
i'm confident in Gods plan
i'm thankful for this life
and i'm thankful that we forget most of our pregnancy, labor and post-partum. amen.

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Rachel Brown said...

Beautiful post, Katey Kirbs!