Friday, May 9, 2014

well, i spoke too soon

eventually i will learn my lesson
NEVER say something about your kid that you don't want to change.

shortly after I wrote about Judson's improved health and sleeping, he came down with a fever and now has a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad case of coxsackie or hand, foot and mouth.
except his could be called- the entire body covered in various types of lesions virus.
he has had this nasty virus about 5 times in his short life and each time it seems to get worse
we can not stay clear of this devil!
this is definitely his worst case yet.
luckily, he is still eating and drinking and seems pretty happy.
sleeping isn't great, but i can't blame the guy-he looks miserable.

My final for my pediatric course was Monday (i passed!!!!!!! and one more ! for good measure)
we only get a 2 week break until the summer semester begins, but i was so hopeful to accomplish a lot in preparation for baby #2 during this time.
so hopeful
so, so hopeful

i sneezed and my nose ran during my test on Monday, by Tuesday I was down for the count
sinus/upper respiratory infection (self-diagnosed, of course)
it has kicked my hind-end and i have been anything but a trooper.

JR and I have been in quarantine since Tuesday and have emerged twice for the dr, pharmacy and some yogurt. ok and Sonic.

all of this to say, sometimes it's just the pits.
and i felt like talking about it.
Judson's illness looks 1230989032 worse than mine could possibly be, but he is proving to be the better man and more mentally tough with the better attitude to boot.  
as i try to lay down the majority of the day, he wallows all over me and aggressively cuddles.
love him.

my mom and dad are also out of town. 
mom called this morning and told me that GT will be coming home early today from work so that I can go get a Mothers Day massage.
have you ever heard of perfect timing? 
or sweet relief?
well, that is it, my friends.

over and out.
with hopes of an illness free Saturday!
cheers to you and yours on this lovely, rainy Friday.

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