Wednesday, May 21, 2014

the barn

our barn burned down.
i'm sad. we're all a little sad.

i could lament all that we lost or i could recount our blessings
easily, we could go down either path.
but i am admitting that i am sad for what was lost, but not hanging out there.
we are all moving on and getting down to business and rebuilding.
and waiting on insurance, of course.

the barn sits in between our house and my parents house...maybe 30-50 yards away from each.
huge trees overhang the barn.
our homes are intact, the trees untouched and all dogs and my ducks are safe.

most importantly, we are all safe and unharmed.
except for the pathetic soreness i feel today from running around frantically when i saw the barn on fire.
6 firetrucks in total, i think. maybe it was 5.
i love our fire department!
we are forever grateful for their promptness and effort.
they were running from the time they jumped out of the trucks until the last flame was extinguished
thank you Ouachita Parish Fire Department!
(also, i would appreciate never hearing my recorded voice in that 911 call- spastic would sum it up)
our good friend and builder, Tony and dad assessing the (immediate) damage
"that was a lot of work"
this sight made me laugh
GT had just started building me a chicken coop for Mothers Day
it was probably 6 feet from the barn. and it was untouched....ha!
unfortunately, he cant work on it. tools are burnt to a crisp.
but, the chicken coop stands!

yesterday morning
that's one way to cook all of your deer/elk meat

some comparison
a before of the workshop/tool room

and after.

in case you ever wondered what the frame of a 4wheeler looked like

our neighbor alerted us to the fire. thank you Mitch!
i believe it's because of his quick action that the fire was contained to the barn.
we can't thank him enough.

we are all safe
even though a bunch of our things are gone, we know that they can (for the most part) be replaced
i hate it mostly for my dad. 
he had a vision for restoring this old barn and it came to life.
with a whole lot of time, work and money.
it was a great barn that hosted many people and parties, Judson 1st birthday to name one!
it held may valuables, antiques and sentimentals

but, we can start over
and we will.
grateful that what we value most is safe 

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