Friday, May 30, 2014


my OB is a cautious OB. and i am thankful for that.
at 34 weeks he prefers that his patients not travel out of town.
just to be safe.
i'm almost 35 weeks and still have to travel to Shreveport 3 times for class.
shhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! do not tell him.
I carpool with friends, two of which are labor/delivery/post-partum nurses.
i'm covered.
also, i'm not too concerned. 

that does mean that we are done with weekend travels for a bit.
well, I am. 
GT has business trips, but I'm staying put. so is Judson.

so, let's re-cap a few weekends gone by over the last 2 months, shall we?

in April, GT and I made a fast and furious trip to Austin for a wedding.
My friend Rachel married my friend James.
i mean. seriously.
the pic is from her blog Coffee and Tacos. all of her photos are stunning!

James and I were good friends at Harding
I met Rachel while living in Dallas and then traveled to Ghana with her, becoming great friends!
they met through my friend, Buzz
such a sweet circle of friends.
the wedding was to die for and incredibly sincere.
James and Rachel are the most thoughtful, happy and fun people!
Patrick did their wedding video and I might love it more than ours. he is brilliant!
i also got to see and catch up with some of my besties and others that I don't get to see that often.
GT and I left West Monroe on Sunday morning and came home Monday afternoon. those hours with my man in the car were delightful. 
We also made a quick stop at his grandparents house in Georgetown, then stayed the night with his sister in Austin.
24-36 hours that were good, good, good for the soul and our marriage.
(side note: after the wedding, a couple of dudes told GT that they were staring at his hair during the ceremony and they were jealous of it. yep.)

at the beginning of May, I went to another wedding at my cousins farm just down the road from our house.
Judson was still recovering from the lovely coxsachie virus and GT stayed home with him.
our family's good friend, Katy got married and it was such a sweet, intimate and fun wedding.
beautiful setting!
sisters and cousins
p.s. those cousins on the right are growing up ridiculously fast.
too fast, i would say.
but aren't they the cutest?!?
pretty sweet to boot

and a few weekends back, GT spoke at a mens prayer breakfast in Little Rock where we attended church when we lived there.
so we headed up on Friday and came home Saturday evening.
we were able to see lots of friends and from what i hear...GT did a wonderful job at the breakfast (not surprised at all!)
i have zero photos from the prayer breakfast, but made sure to get pics with my friends! (whoops!)
I haven't seen Lynn or Lauren in waaaaayyyy too long, but it was as if we were together everyday.
i miss them something awful!

Judson Ray loved the hotel room!
we went out to eat, got ice cream and did a little shopping. just the three of us. and it was like a little get-a-way.
we hadn't expected it to feel like a vacation, but it was a delightful two days for our little family of 3.
i guess we could title it, a Baby-moon with a toddler.
that has a nice ring to it, huh?
or not.

other weekends have been filled with the nephews being in town, us being in Tyler, Beau's 4th birthday party (post coming soon!), Memorial Day and various other activities at the house.
just a few more weekends remaining with only 1 boy!

the next few weekends will be full of homework, clinicals, class and preparing for baby Taylor #2!

happy weekend pals

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