Thursday, May 29, 2014

a few things and thoughts related to ducks,dogs, pregnancy and ridiculous post titles

1. I never knew how much I relied on our wagon or the Bad Boy until I pushed an umbrella stroller across our property to our garden.
This umbrella stroller to be exact
the one that I purchased as we entered the mall for lunch since our good stroller has been reduced to ashes (see barn post)
not exactly made for off-roading

and this garden
which deserves it's own post. it's beautiful and producing some lovely things.

on that (stroller) note- I wasn't going to buy a double stroller when the new baby arrived because I really do not use a stroller that often. We don't live in a walking city and we don't frequent the mall that often or other places that require a stroller. But, since I am currently sans stroller (well, now we have an umbrella stroller), I am rethinking the double stroller idea.
 i'd welcome some of those thoughts 

our ducklings and Judson meet (a few weeks ago)

2. our ducks are almost full grown ducks now
their wings should be functional any day 
since we got the ducks-roughly 3-4 weeks ago, our plan was to keep them fed, watered and safe up at our barn (now, the house) until their wings were of use and then we'd put them down at the pond.

well, they have quickly outgrown their (dog) kennel, therefore we have let them become free-range ducks.
they can go anywhere they want...even the pond.
as it turns out, they like to stay as close to the house as possible.
i'm eager to see how long this lasts. 
but, i kind of like the guys just hanging out.

keeping them safe from dogs,snakes, other animals has not been an issue.
keeping them out of reach of this guy....
is another issue...
he loves his animals
he loves all animals actually
but mostly, his animals
to an extreme
Woodrow. the most patient dog that ever lived.

next on the agenda.

3. anybody else have restless leg syndrome while pregnant?
good grief...this stuff ain't no joke.
my pregnancy has gone really well, except for these weird ailments that make me feel like a whiny baby.
a tick bite that caused some lymphadenitis behind my ear- treated with antibiotics in case it was Lyme disease (!). 
crazy pain in my lower back/sacrum/coccyx (tmi?).
and now RLS

i'm thankful for the overall health during this pregnancy and the ability to push through and work, do school/clinicals. 
but I do always feel like i'm complaining about something ridiculous to my OB.
luckily, our little love nugget baby is a trooper and doing his growing thing!
and this does have a date of resolution in approximately 5 weeks.

that's enough.
Here's to Friday eve.
make it a good'un folks.

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