Tuesday, September 21, 2010

extra, extra, read all about it

"The man who does not read good books has no advantage over the man who can't read them" - Mark Twain

There are two things I wish to not be, unproductive and lazy.
This afternoon, I am both.
In fear that I could possibly spread some ooey-gooey germs to the already immune-suppressed kiddos that I work with and still not feeling 100% from last weeks sniffles and such, I went to the doc, got some meds and am now home with my rear planted on the couch (run on sentence alert). This does not warrant a pity party but it does make me a little irritated
I think I know why I hate doing nothing when i'm sick.
Once upon a time, when I was a wee lass and stayed home sickly, mom would stay home with me. The minute I said I was bored, meaning I felt better, I usually got assigned to a chore. Not offered a video game, movie or told to find something to play with. I was put to work! This, of course was not fair! I had stayed home from school and am now doing chores!!! I would much rather had been at school by that point. Oooohhh, the torture of childhood.
(mother, feel free to correct me if i'm totally exaggerating...quite possible).
Now, I see her point. She wanted me to make sure my sick days were legit. (once again mother, correct me if i'm mistaken)
Good parenting...i didn't always appreciate it.
Therefore, I still like to try and be productive when i'm sick. It's just an honest effort. I don't want to get caught.
But today, I will choose rest because I think that's what my body needs.
My productive act will be reading.
I love a good book.
Kyla sent me a new book for my birthday. She knows me and is a good gift giver. I like that about her.

I am grateful for these two women. Mamaw Jo and Mamaw Lou. I bet you wish your mamaws looked this great and had this much fun.

They love to read and hate to be unproductive. These are two traits for which I am grateful they have passed on to me.
There are one-gagillion more reasons why these two women are my favorite people, but for today, those two simple lessons will do.

to the book i go,


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Kyla said...

Yay for new books! Hope you've liked the book so far and that you're feeling better by now. Love you!