Friday, September 24, 2010

Fridays hi-fivin' list of loves

Happy weekend everyone
And happy 2nd day of Fall
I just wish that Fall would start acting it's age and get it right
I'm still sweating when I go outside

Regardless, I am loving some things on this wonderful hi-fivin' Friday:

a weekend at home (aaahhhh)
my husband cleaning up dog diarrhea when I'm gagging
friends who are exploring and sharing like this so I can relive Florence vicariously through her
being able to Skype and talk to Lemmons for free, who is mentioned above and in Italy
getting to see my in-lawed parentals this weekend and watch Gare Bear play some fooseball
a clean house...we're getting there
not being late for work...gotta go!

happy weeksend folks,


Joneal said...

Love your lists.
Love your life.
Love you.

Jake and Jamie + 1 said...

wud up sister...its jake...we're getting skype up and running so that you can see your beau-dacious nephew more often...long distance high-five!