Monday, October 11, 2010

Wake up and smell the Cinnis

Thank you Pdubs for making me gain 4523 lbs this weekend.
Our wonderful relaxing Branson weekend was shortly ineterrupted on Saturday morning for a gluttony fest.
Mom, Mamaw Lou, Mamaw Jo and I made these deliciously, fattening, ooey-gooey, make you wanna slap your mama, from scratch Cinnamon rolls.
 No rolling pin at the condo.
No problem, they have a martini shaker.

 I'm not going to tell you what that fattening yellow substance is.
Just in case you have an aversion to pounds and pounds of real butter.

 And no, that is not cups and cups of sugar and brown sugar.

 I think that is one of the most beautiful things I ever did see.
Hence, why I gained weight within hours.

 Rise up, O yeast

 Now, for the glaze.
Brewed coffe and maple?
whoda thunk it?

The spread.
You know you want one.
I love weekends with the fam.

Hope you have a great Monday morning, thinking about all the delicioushness that went into these heavenly sugar rolls.
My mind is still spinning at the thought of those ridiculous ingredients, but delighted in the result.

Still recovering,


_______________ FYI said...

Trying to get up the gumption to run a few hundred miles. Hoping to lose every pound I gain in one day.
The rolls were worth it though.

Janelle Norman said...

Those look AMAZING!!!

Kat said...

I made these same P-Dub cinnamon rolls a couple months ago... and let me just say that I cleaned butter off the floor and cinnamon off my feet for a week. haha

Jennifer Crow said...

Those rolls look amazing!! I would love that recipe! I love weekends with the fam too!!

Kristina said...

I been wanting to try these...havent been brave enough, yet (or awake early enough on a Sat). Glad they were good. I'm inspired.

Enjoyed reading some of the blog!