Sunday, October 3, 2010

watering the lawn

My new busy meter is blog time.
Since I've seriously been short on blog time this past week, my meter has registered at highly busy.
I'm not complaining of course, as I am the one who controls my schedule.
I actually prefer to be busy...working, exercising, socializing, house-keeping, wifeying, churching, randoming.
I'm a -ing kind of person, you know action verb-ing.
You get my point. So I'll quit rambling (see, there I go again -ing,-ing,-ing).

We have had a wonderful weekend swimming in and soaking up this superb fall, at its finest, weather!
Our work weeks last week were pretty full so our weekend was perfect with a lot of non-work related events.
Saturday we had a multi-family yard sale with our Life Group and we contributed with a whopping 4 items...we sold two so we felt like it was an overall success.

we left like this:
 how do you leave a place where you are supposed to rid yourself of JUNK with more


i'd like to focus our weekend recap solely on the yard sale, as it was very entertaining
and i would never want to give a play-by-play of our weekends events, as only my mom would find it entertaining and I've already talked to her

As you can see, everyone was very busy working the sale.
The lawn chairs are there just for looks...and so are the people in them.
So, we're all just sitting there, I mean working hard and all of a sudden Hunter, a sale laborer, jumped up out of his chair(note:working hard), laughing/shocked face. This little dude in the above picture had whipped out his personals and starting watering the Wilsons' lawn. In the MIDDLE of the sale tables.
We all tried so hard (not at all) to contain ourselves, but the laughter was inevitable.
The most ridiculous thing was that the kids mom just stood there and said "we're potty training" and in a very monotone, non panicking voice "this is so embarrassing"
bah! Now, I don't have kids, but I do understand that sometimes kids just do this kind of thing. But it was still hilarious.

Oh, kids...always entertaining.
On another note, if you're looking for a place to sit...we have a new couch! Thanks Herscheiders!

So long perfect fall weekend,

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