Thursday, October 20, 2011

Texas babes

GTs 2 best buds had babies within a month of eachother. Well, THEY didn't...their wives did.
But, you know what I mean.
We made the trek down to Huntsville/Houston last weekend to meet one of the newest members of their friend family.
Sweet little Tate and proud daddio Tommy, GTs BFF.
I know, they prob don't call eachother BFFs. But, they might.

He even cracked a smile for us.
Isn't he so handsome?

Tate is smiling at GT. Ain't that just sweeter than honey?!

I can't beleive that we got away without any pictures with Brice, the mom!
We love us some Bdawg.
She, of course, looked awesome and was so sweet to have us in her home with a brand spankin' newborn.
Next time.

In Huntsville, we were able to spend time with one of GTs other BFFs, Casey.
He has an almost 5 year old. 5! I can't believe it.
He is hilarious. We just listened to him tell stories and called it good entertainment. 
cute, huh?
He was asked if he wanted to do what his daddy did when he got big.
He responded, "Nope, I wanna be a policeman." Cool, we said. That's a great job!
"So I can put my daddy in jail for shooting a dove out of dove season."
He's 5.
gotta love an honest boy that knows the laws of the land.
What you don't see are his killer boots. They added a nice touch to his comment.

Don't worry, GT is still gonna show these boys how to watch some football.

We are still so excited to meet little Reagan.
She is Larry, GTs other bff, and his wife Rachels little girl.
She was born 5 weeks preterm.
She's home and doing great after about a month in the NICU.
We can't wait to meet you sweet girl!!!
(i stole this picture from Rachels blog...hope you don't mind Rach!)

We just feel so blessed to have such wonderful friends with stinkin' cute kids.
I praise God knowing that our someday kiddos will be raised surrounded by love and these families.
Isn't it a blessing to know that we are a part of a large family who loves the Lord?
and we kind of like being with them, too.


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