Friday, October 28, 2011

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How about some fall people?!
Hooray for boots and jackets, but not hooray for yucky noses and sore throats, right?

Gorgeous, gaw-jus decorated barn. Absolutely dreamy. Wouldn't this be the perfect setting for a...anything?!

Devestation on the beautiful Italian coast. Laurens post here

What a series, huh? Go Rangers! Remember how I feel about this guy

By no means, do I intend for this to be an afterthought or a "p.s" to a blogpost.
Josh was a good friend of mine in Highschool. His wife was a year behind us in school and is unbelievable.
She starts chemotherapy today to fight some nasty breast cancer they found last week.
Read his blog here:
My heart is heavy for Aly and Josh.
They are strong warriors for Christ and are standing firm in their faith.
May God be glorified in this battle.
Aly is absolutely gorgeous and her beautiful spirit and heart for God is undeniable.

happy friday y'all,

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