Friday, October 14, 2011

new house makover: bedroom(master and the only one)

Our room is huge.
It could easily be made into 2 rooms...which will probably happen eventually.
But, for now...we just enjoy the space.
We have ninja fights, gymnastic practice, yoga class and many other things in this large space.
We also sleep there and watch tv and keep it cluttered.
I'm especially good at the last one.

But, mostly we love it because it is ours.

It was a creamy/white before we moved in, like the rest of the house.
Now it is the color Oatbran.
i forgot to tell the colors of the kitchen and laundry room in the last post
the kitchen is mint frost and laundry is aspen gray...(valspar)
here we go:
before    &    after
hooray for king beds for tall folks.
we are spoilt

luckily, mom had given that chair to me in college and i still had it.
this room needs more than a bed in it or else, it's totals empty.

it has a random little nook attached to it.
perfect for hiding.
i mean, crafting.
it's also our study which basically collects papers that i should be reading

our desk with stuff

a vintage sewing table that i found at a thrift store in LR holds my neglected sewing machine

insert "old western movie music when cowboy walks into saloon" here

that bathroom needed some major help
and still needs some
bathroom remodel is numero uno on my list

but, for now...i like it
it's serene

marble counter tops aren't so bad when ya get a good paint color on the walls
can't remember what this one is called

we have a HUGE closet for the size of this little house
and i ain't complainin'. ya heard?
i just put a little curtain up to separate it from the water closet/powder room

here are some little things that i particularly love in our space:
man side of the bed
deer skull

woman side
Pride and Prejudice quote

photo wall and book shelf in study/craft nook

lovely, purposeful clutter

boot season

cozy spot
handmade wall decor

cutesy wutesy pillow from my mammy
also, those side table are from Ikea. I just antiqued 'em and bought the knobs at Hobby Lobby.
love 'em.
the windows are from our local Paul Michael, home goods store.

i heart harses

i'm thankful for our home

happy weeks-end folks,

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