Tuesday, October 11, 2011

new house: kitchen and laundry makeover

So, we've been in our house a little over 2 months and I have yet to take any pics.
We are so happy in our home and it fits us perfectly.
It's homey and cozy and I am much more comfortable becoming a homebody here.

Before we moved in, all of the rooms were white/creamish.
They all got a few coats of new paint to spruce 'em up.

Funny thing...i was never able to keep it all clean enough to take pics when I had my moms fancy camera.
So, we'll take baby steps and do one or two rooms at a time.

Here we have the kitchen and laundry rooms
I wanted them to be happy, cheeful and fun!
   Before      &       After
kitchen looking into the laundry room.
Hey woodrow


gas range...yes, mam

kitchy kitch

other side

loun-tree room/ woodies domain
p.s. doesn't everyone want their microwave next to their dryer?

it is also home to whatever else we feel like throwing in there

Some of my favorite things:

My MIL gave me a gift card to their website...what an absolutely perfect gift!!!

best candle ever. for reals

mastering? ha
attempting? sometimes
cute covering? yes

two of my favorite wall decors
that heart chalkboard right there. yeah, that one.
I saw it on Urban outfitter website and was about to order it.
then one day, my mom and i went to a local home decor store and it was there!
it was quite a find and i was so super pumped.

love these little measuring spoons from Jamie, my SIL

Fridges were made for pictures
I need a bigger one just for that reason alone

ain't it cute?

sinky sink

words to remember above the door frame

little empty baskets.
(GTs gonna build me a pedestal to lift up the w/d so the outlets don't show. hooray for handy husband!)

honeymoon pic made into canvas

more laundry room


mixer that inspired the color
and little containers for baking needs.

Luckily, our house is small so this picture viewing won't take long.

happy homebody,

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annie said...

So cute & cozy, Kate! Love the bird on the branch above your kitchen sink/window......