Thursday, October 20, 2011

The little dog that could

He's the dog who can do what you think he can't
and often things you hope that he won't
but, he does.

and I love him.

So, I left Woodrow in his pen yesterday morning around 6 when I left for work.
we usually put a bolt in the top latch of his pen door, because he can easily work his way out otherwise.
GT has installed an additional latch on the bottom, that is very hard to open by humans.
Not hard for the dog that could.
mind you, the top latch is at my eye level.

So, we bolt it.
I couldn't find the bolt. And was running late for work.
My bad.
When GT gets back from hunting that morning, Woodie is gone.
Gone like a freight train.
That's ok...he'll come back. He always does.
Then, it's lunch, no dog.
Then, it's after work for GT, no dog.
Then it's after church and work for Kate, no dog.
No dog = practical thought loss for kate.

Let the frantic search begin.
Gt knows that Woodrow really is smart and will come home or someone will find him and call (that practical thought that I had quickly lost).

I make signs...after 15 hours. A little premature? Probably, but it was the longest that he's been gone.
and did I mention that I have a very unhealthy attachment?

I call my mom(what we all do when we just need someone sympathetic to cry to when we know that we're probably overreacting) and she says, "Kate, he is a very smart dog...he'll come home. By tomorrow morning, you'll find him and don't worry, he's fine."
Ok, mom.
 Knowing that she was probably a little worried, too.

We go to sleep.
I just let it go.
He's fine, right?
Oh well.

Next morning, today, text message received at 6.
from mom...Woodrow is here. at our house!

I'm on my way.

Here's the kicker.

My dad got up at 6, per usual, walked down the hall and thought it to be a bit chilly in the house.
Turns the corner to see Woodrow and Maggie laying on Maggies bed.
and the back door to the house is open.

I repeat. I.can.not.make.this.stuff.up.
He stinkin' opened their door, people!
2.5 miles away, through the woods. 24 hours later. Woodrow finds his 2nd home. and 2nd bed.

Woodrow gets picked up by me.
 I walk the walk of shame, taking down my premature "Missing Dog" signs around the surrounding neighborhoods.
We go home and he's out.

Working the streets all night long is exhausting.
Surely, he learned his lesson.

We sure learned a lesson.
Another Newlywed lesson:
we still have a lot of learning to do about eachother.
GT is a patient man....for that, I'm thankful.
He drove to the store and bought me some duct tape so I could put up signs, even though he knew I was being a bit ridiculous.

Now, i'm going to start detaching myself.
It's unhealthy.

If you're a dog lover, you can relate to this post.
If not, you can't.
You probably  just think I'm crazy.
I've been thought to be worse things...I can handle crazy.

just glad my Woodrow is back home.
Now, i'm late for work.

with my deepest love for the stupidest dog,


Rebecca Gibbs @ gibbgabb said...

I'm a dog lover. I understand. So glad y'all found him!

Meagan Shack said...

We lost Saint and Kai for 15 whole minutes a few weeks ago when they got out of our back gate and I was a nervous wreck! I can imagine how you felt. Glad he is home where he belongs:)