Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Fall Y'all

Billy the Exterminnator and a mouse caught in a trap
go with it, ok?
We had 2 hours, a mullett wig and mouse ears. This is what i got. This is where my mind went.
Luckily my dearest lover went there with me.

or Treat?
little pumpkin with "Gram" 
i ADORE him and every single curl on his head

let me tell you something.
in case yous don know.
17.5 months old is busy.
he runs and runs and runs.
and is stinkin' cute

he gone

he wanted to run at this point
i held him captive.
i'm bigger. i still can win.

this is just my favorite canine
and gerden

my favorite place to sit

my favorite 16 year old
just cuz.


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