Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Sweet T and GT

My man and I took a drive up to Kansas City last weekend.
To see my brosif, sis-in-love and nephew.
It was Jakeys bday and we love any excuse to love on little Beau-bot.

I would drive 20 hours to spend 36 hours with him.
oh wait...that's what we did.
and I'd do it again....right now.
Raisin' this boy right on Sweet Tea

He's ok with it

He's even learning how to share

One thing that I loved most about our weekend trip to KC was seeing Beau love on GT.
He looooooves him.
We often heard this, "GT", "GT"...well, something like that.
It was two consonants back to back directed at Grant anyway.

This was Saturday morning.
The first time Beau saw us since we arrived. 
he was ready for GT to tackle him.

and use him as a step stool

make me die over!

look at ESPN.com with

love these boys

GT's a fun uncle.

Beau chose to give GT lots of love.
I was not jealous at all. k. maybe a litte.


"Geeeee Teeee"

terrible, terrible angle of me.
but, this shows how much we laugh together.
We have the most fun nephew ever.

i love lazy mornings

and my boys.
and i love that Beau adores Gt and the reverse is equally true.

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Jake and Jamie + 1 said...

So sweet kate!! We missed you tons the second you drove off our street on Sunday!!!!!