Tuesday, October 18, 2011

new house makover: living room

My vision of the color for this room was definitely more green.
I chose the color...well, actually I can't remember the exact color. But, something like Carolina Aquatic Club by Valspar.
It's blue.
blue as blue.
blue as in aquatic blue.
Strangely, I loved it.
it contrasts the wooden ceiling quite nicely and creates a warm room.

it's the only living space in the house so we've meshed the living and dining room into one
and meshed it did.
as with every other space in the house...We love it!
it's perfectly GT and Kate sized.

here we go
before      &      after
view from the kitchen

looking at the door for the bedroom

view from the bedroom
random little cutout that is a cute little picture/random things nook

view from the fireplace

view of the fireplace
(my fall garland with lights looks like a hawaiin lei)
GT's building a mantle which will hopefully be up for Christmas just in time for stockings and fires!!!

the half bath
it's right off of the living room and has a pocket door
it's kind of awkward
i feel like no one ever uses it when they come over
it's kind of feels like you're using the restroom in the middle of the living room
luckily, we have another potty.
it's probably not that big of a deal.

it's not my fave
it'll change, but will do for now

i bought that artwork at a garage sale and painted the frame
i love it

some little things that make it special and ours: 
the random nook with photos and things

dining area
currently decorated for fall

a hanging vase
yes, those are fake. don't judge me. they last longer...actually forever.
this was inspired by this gal
i found the mason jar and piece of wood in the barn. go fig-er


built ins that were here when we moved in
we painted the back of them the same color as the rest of the room
it's a perfect display case for my dishes and special odds and ins

these two 
i love these two things being a part of our living space.
that painting was bought in Ghana this summer. it is of the fishing boats on the sea
that record player/beautiful piece of furniture was found out in the barn.
i cleaned it, polished it and loved on it.
isn't it grand?

i hope to entertain folks, eat with friends and relax with my family for years to come in this room.
don't you just love the ceiling?
sure, we still have work to do (move and change the chandelier, build the mantle, finish painting the corners, buy a big rug, etc,etc, etc), but i sure am happy here.
it feels like our home

we are blessed beyond measure

happily at home,


Bless Your Neighbor said...

THIS is SO FUN!! Thanks for letting us into your sweet house and I can already see how you and your sweet man will bless all who enter!!

Rebecca Gibbs @ gibbgabb said...

Looks so cozy and inviting! All of your personal decor touches are lovely!

Teresa said...

Hi Katelyn. I'm a good friend of your Mama and Aunt Chris. I love what you did with your home make over. And I enjoy seeing pics of sweet Judson. I have 2 grandsons of my own so I think little boys are awesome!

emily said...

Just a tad late (ha), but I love love love the record player/sideboard! I also love how you displayed the plates above it.

Your house is beautiful!!! Definitely should be in a magazine.